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Here’s a categorized list of third party Instagram apps

I’ve updated this list and added an option. If you want a straight list without all of the descriptions, go here: http://ericathas.tumblr.com/instagramapps

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Fourist: The best photos of the weekend.

Web and desktop viewing:

Extragram (@extragr_am): A beautiful Web interface for viewing Instagram photos.

Webstagram (@webstagram): Web viewing with a lot of functions.

Statigram (@statigram): Metrics for your Instagram account. My stats.

Hashtagram (@hashtagram): Realtime slideshow using hashtags.

Inkstagram (@joshink): A much simpler way to thumb through photos.

Instagreat (@elliottkember and @dizzyup): Simple Web viewing.

Screenstagram (@barbariangroup): Lets you turn your Instagram photos into your screensaver.

Carousel (@carouselapp): A desktop photo-viewing application for Macs. This would be Don Draper’s favorite.

InstaDesk: A nice looking $1.99 desk app from the Mac App Store.

Gramfeed (@krisrak): Yet another way to view photos on the Web.

Instatunes: An OSX screensaver. 

Gramsby (@joshOiknine & @luisVega): A simple Web interface for viewing photos.


Casetagram (@Casetagram): Make an iPhone case from Instagram photos.

Postagram (@postagram): Send your photos as postcards for 99 cents.

Printstagram (@printstagram): Order a poster with at least 50 of your photos, or get your photos as stickers.

Instaprint (@BREAKFASTny): This fun idea — currently in private beta — prints Instagram photos from a box based on location and hashtags.

Printsgram (@printsgram): An extensive number of printing options, including creating PDF files of photos and photo cubes.

Instamaker (@instamaker): Print your photos on mugs, t-shirts and postcards.

ArtFlakes: Create stickers from your Instagram photos.

Instagoodies (@instagoodies): You guessed it — more Instagram stickers!


My InstaAlbum (@positanocat): A way to save and organize Instagram photos on your iPhone.

Instamap (@nextroot): iPad app that lets you elegantly browse photos based on location and hashtag. It’s $1.99.

Instagallery (@Instagallery): Another iPad (and iPhone and iPod Touch) app that offers a nice viewing experience. It’s $1.99.

Instabam: This one’s kind of like the Color of Instagram (although, I’m sure they hope more successful). This free app uses geotagging to find what people are posting nearby.

Instatips: Simple iPhone app that explains the basics and lesser known best practices. Keep in mind, it’s only advice, you can’t share or view from here. It’s free.


Instawar (@instawar): The “Facemash” of Instagram — pick your favorite photos. 

Pic a fight (@picafight): Same idea as Instawar, but with a different look and feel.


InstaRadar: This 99-cent iPhone app lets you search Instagram geographically.

Hipstervision: Nicely built geo-based image searching.

Cartagram: Geocoded visualization of photos, and also lets you search specific locations.

Social and sharing:

Instagrammers (@PhilGonzalez): Updates on apps, how-tos and community profiles.

Instahome (@instahome): A homepage for your photos. (my homepage)


Foodspotting (@foodspotting): Connect your Foodspotting account to Instagram.

Statigram (@statigram): Metrics for your Instagram account. My stats.

Nekostagram (@ruedap): A feed of Instagram photos of cats. I’m not kidding. 

What did I miss?

Tell me here: @ericathas

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