Create a photoshop meme on your iPhone using Juxtaposer

Addictive app alert: Juxtaposer. The $2.99 iPhone app lets you combine multiple photos in a way that would make even Sad Don Draper happy. You simply upload photos from your phone and edit them in a way that’s hilarious. In other words, if you wanted to put a dog’s head on your body, or if you want to contribute to the latest photoshop meme — this is the app you need.

For the purpose of showing you how this works, I’ll put my head on Sad Keanu.

When you launch the app, it will first ask you to select a background image. This image is your canvas and you’ll add everything else on top of this one. So in my case, I picked Sad Keanu sitting on a bench.

After you select it from your library, it will ask you to find a top image. 

In my case, I chose a headshot of me. You’ll be able to add more images later if you want. 

Now you can take that top image, zoom in, spin it, zoom out and erase it accordingly.

The app gives you four different levels of eraser intensity.

Then, after you’ve trimmed your image just the way you want it, just zoom out on the top image and place it on Sad Keanu’s head.

If you want to add more images, you simply select “Add new top image.” For the sake of this demo, I’ll add a photo of a funny dog. 

When you’re done, you just hit save image and it will save the finished product to your camera roll.

And voila! — Sad Keanu With an Eric Head and a Funny Dog!